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We believe we’re good people to make friends with. WE HOPE YOU THINK SO TOO.

The Nine Way

The Nine Way is our approach to learning more about your business and developing our friendship.

Working to help you reach your goals

We’re driven to transform Nine from a good business to a great one, pushing for excellence in everything we do. Naturally, you’ll have your own ambitions so we’re here to support you every step of the way 
– let’s transform together.


Understanding your business is what it’s all about. Listening to the communication challenges you face will help pinpoint solutions that can help you. Shouting at strangers just creates noise – we’d much rather have a chat with a friend, wouldn’t you?

Your flexible friends

Business needs change over time. If you’re just starting-up, your communication needs would be very different to an established business that’s ready to mobilise their workforce, or boost their compliance. Getting well acquainted with you will mean we can tailor solutions to fit your individual needs.

An industry expert you can rely on

The Nine team includes many widely respected industry veterans, experts and innovators. We draw on this experience and expertise to help you address the issues in your business, ultimately making your business more profitable. That’s what you need from a partner, not being sold the latest technology just because it’s shiny and new.

Your biggest supporter

A good relationship is built on a partnership – both sides working together. Selling you a contract and ignoring you until the contract runs out? Not our style. Making sure you’re looked after and you’re happy with everything? That’s the Nine way. If you’re comfortable asking us for advice and you’re confident we’ll resolve any issues quickly and completely, we’re a happy bunch.

plain speaking, simple communication

We love plain speaking, simple communication and two-way conversations. Call us, email us or drop in for a cup of tea and a biscuit – let’s make friends.


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